Port in Spain to be entirely built on Blockchain

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Valencia is a city in Spain with one of the busiest ports in the country. Reportedly, the city is planning to build a “smart-port” which will be built on blockchain and big data, in a revelation made on the official website of the port.

Port in Spain to be entirely built on Blockchain -The port authority wants to implement blockchain and suggests other international ports to include blockchain to improve logistical problems, said Joce Garcia De La Guia, technical in charge of the port. ”Starting from Valencia, we offer to use blockchain as a strategic option to provide transparency. This transparency is for the logistic chain which also ends to end. The major plan is to apply cloud technologies with our partners from Port Community Systems and also with all others.”

He also believes that the blockchain technology will reduce costs related to resource allocation, time spent on maintenance.

Officials from the port of Valencia delivered the above message in Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies conference held in Rotterdam. Danish blockchain company Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration was also a participant in the conference.

Port in Spain to be entirely built on Blockchain -There is a recent development where many ports have been seen deploying their logistics with blockchain. Associated British Ports( ABP), Denmark Ports and Abu Dhabi ports have already planned to use blockchain in their ports.

This news is another proof for Spain’s optimistic stand for blockchain technology. It had previously said that it was interested to include blockchain in Public Administration and resolving social problems.

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