Bitcoin to become a multi-network cryptocurrency. The idea of adding side chains to bitcoin was first planned in November 2015. Since then the idea has been under development for the proposal. Now it is completely ready and presently it’s the best time to implement the side chains to the bitcoin. On  Tuesday it is revealed to coindesk by Paul Sztorc, director of the research at startup Tyrion. The code is ready for this which is going to be announced soon and he added that it is of the initial test version.

By this, the capabilities and feature of the bitcoin can be increased and it would be able to increase its supply of cryptocurrency.

To make bitcoin similar to ethereum tokens the using of sidechain concept was first proposed in 2014. The using of side chains in bitcoin even promised that the custom programming in crypto assets is possible.

Drive Chain has been under development as a would be widely used side chain concept since then when it is proposed by the Paul Sztorc.

Bitcoin to become a multi-network cryptocurrency. Paul Sztorc briefed that “Bitcoin developers found that by using drive chain concept as a code to the bitcoin would eliminate their biggest outstanding problem for inability to add new features without altering the incentives of blockchain itself”. And he added that release of drive chain code marks the  “kick start” for using code even though it is not completely perfect.

“It makes a good way to show people what exactly drive chain does”, he added these final words to his speech at coindesk while the code release.   


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