Blockchain In Dairy Farming

Blockchain In Dairy Farming-Soon the dairy farmers in US would be able to track their products through blockchain technology. This may be possible for the farmers owned co-operative Dairy Farmers of America. They are more than 14500 members ready to trial the blockchain platform in their business process. This is announced on Tuesday, and the food tech startup is going to operate the blockchain platform for this.

This to be done to increase the “supply chain transparency” and the customer’s trust towards the milk products. Customers can trace the origin of the milk product.

David Darr, vice president of sustainability and member services said that still DFA hasn’t decided the specific application and product but it would trial the technology. He added that “ provides the real time information to the customers. This will help to increase the consumer’s trust towards the food production from start to finish”.

Blockchain In Dairy Farming-This news came just after day when Walmart announced that their suppliers leafy green produce are ready to store their product provenance on IBM developed blockchain technology.

Walmart wants to create the efficient process to detect the potential disease outbreak back to their source. It even wants to help consumers to know whether they are at risk or not. For this it intends to create end to end tractability.

Both Walmart and DFA decided to make their suppliers to run the platform in mainstream production by the end of the 2019.


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