IBM and Marsh are getting into blockchain partnership

IBM and Marsh are getting into blockchain partnership – IBM is getting offers for expandable insurance solutions on its blockchain platform from global professional services firm Marsh.

According to a press release, Marsh announced on Wednesday that initially, it started working on a commercial version of an insurance verification program. With IBM blockchain launch when it first introduced in April.

The insurance certification process by both Marsh and IBM is streamlined in the new platform. It provide both speed and transparency, helps clients to hire contractors and to eliminate the existing manual input process.

To increase the “efficiency” for clients IBM and Marsh both found the blockchain technology is more suitable while their initial work in April.

Sandip Patel, said that the underlying distributed ledger technology has huge potential. To use it as modernizing tools by existing companies. Sandip Patel is IBM insurance general manager.

Through the Salesforce platform, the new blockchain-based tools will offer.

Sastry Durvasula, the data and analytics officer of Marsh digital noted that

“IBM and Marsh are getting into blockchain partnership – the company wants to make its business requires more efficient through easy and secure sharing of proof of insurance. And it is possible by making proof of insurance accessible digitally and instantaneously for our clients through salesforce”.

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