Hublot announces New Bitcoin watch Model-In an official announcement on September 19, a Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot stated that it wants to release its new watch Big Bang Blockchain. The new model will be able to purchase through Bitcoin(BTC) only. It has been released to commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin Watch

According to the announcement on Hublot’s website, the special edition watch is being released to commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (BTC). Only 210-piece limited edition can only be bought with BTC. The number of units represents the fact that the number of bitcoins will not exceed 21 million.

In order to reach out the customers and promote the model, a strategic partnership has created with Octagon strategy Limited (OSL) – Octagon Strategy Limited is Asia’s largest digital asset brokerage.

Purchase Procedure

In order to purchase a Big Bang Blockchain, a customer has to get registered on a dedicated website. OSL will confirm the data and send the payment details through email thereafter. The process includes a self-portrait and copy of their passport or other government-issued ID.

Hublot says, “Octagon Strategy Limited is Asia’s largest digital asset brokerage. It is led by industry veterans with comprehensive knowledge of digital assets and financial markets. Octagon Strategy offers expertise in trading and related technologies, as well as security and risk management in emerging digital asset markets, substantiating our position as the leader in Asia.”

Hublot announces New Bitcoin Model-The union between HUBLOT and OSL will guarantee customers with the most pleasant and secure shopping experience with digital assets. OSL will be the sole Official Broker for the sale of the Big Bang Blockchain. Once the timepiece is open for pre-sale on 19th September 2018 ends on 29th Sept.  Hublot deliver the watch to the buyer at the beginning of 2019.

Hublot further explained the importance of decentralization

“By allowing digital information to be distributed, Blockchain technology creates the backbone of a new type of Internet. Well-recognized for its originality, the technology is regarded as one of the most powerful and fastest-growing trading tools. Not to mention the unlimited possibility of usage in different aspects that will revolutionize various industry norms and trade.”

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