Like an ever-growing giant in fairy-tales, the industries that are encouraging cryptocurrencies as the payments are also growing. The new entrant to this list is the industry people were least expecting from. It’s pornography industry and the pornography website giant Pornhub has revealed the numbers of users who pay to the website in cryptocurrencies. 

Though the numbers aren’t great, one has to keep in mind that the cryptocurrency usage is not at its peak, however, there are vital signs of the same. And at this phase, even the slightest of the users is significant for crypto-sphere.

Pornhub went on to reveal that nearly 1 percent of its users have started to pay in crypto. The figures are likely to improve over the period looking at the awareness among the people about cryptocurrencies and the security offered by technology.

There is one more aspect why porn users might be interested in crypto is that the anonymity that they get when they use crypto. Pornhub has around 29 Billion visits to the website and 1 percent of this number is not a number that can be ignored.

The number of Pornhub users paying in crypto-Pornhub declared it was ready to accept crypto in its payment options when it got into a deal with one of the cryptocurrency Verge in April this year. However, the user concerns regarding the security led the website to accept two more cryptocurrencies Tron and Horizon ( formerly called as zencash).

PumaPay, a crypto payment firm has partnered along with Pornhub to render crypto services to the website’s users recently and the deal is in agreement stage and is waiting to get implemented.


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