Coinbase Launches Support for Token (BAT)-On November 2, the major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, announced that it has successfully added the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to its platform. This is an ERC-20 token that is designed to work out-of-the-box with the privacy-centric Brave Browser, on Coinbase Pro.


Coinbase added support for BAT tokens to its Coinbase Pro platform. Initially, BAT will trade against the USD Coin (USDC). Which is a stablecoin that Coinbase developed with Circle Ltd. and recently added to its platforms.


Coinbase states that BAT trading will be available in most jurisdictions, except for the residents of the state of New York and is not currently available on its platform or on its iOS and Android applications.

The offering is being integrated on Coinbase Pro in the following order of stages: “Transfer-only,” “Post-only,” “Limit-only” and finally a “Full trading” stage.


Coinbase Launches Support for Token (BAT)-“If at any point the BAT/USDC order book does not meet our assessment for a healthy and orderly market, we may keep the book in one state for a longer period of time, or suspend trading as per our Trading Rules. Any other BAT order books we launch will also go through the same stages,”

-according to a Coinbase blog post.


“We will accept deposits for at least 12 hours prior to enabling trading. Once sufficient liquidity is established, trading on the BAT/USDC order book will start. Users may convert their USD to USDC with one click within the Pro interface. BAT trading will be accessible for users in most jurisdictions. But will not initially be available for residents of the state of New York.

Coinbase blog post.


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