Google CEO’s Son Mines Ethereum-The whole world is turning its head towards the policy of Google to ban or unban cryptocurrencies. It was previously reported in Nvestweekly that Google had unbanned cryptocurrency advertisements. All the while the Tech Billionaire’s son is busy mining Ethereum! Yes indeed, in a surprising revelation made by Sundar Pichai. It has been discovered that his 11-year-old son is mining Ethereum on a computer at home.

Sundar Pichai was at the New York Times DealBook conference. While talking about tech addiction and the importance of limiting screen time for children. When he revealed his discovery.

He said “Last week I was at dinner with my son, and I was talking about something about bitcoin. My son clarified what I was talking about was ethereum, which is slightly different,” Pichai recounted. “He’s 11 years old, and he told me he’s mining it.”

In addition, Sundar Pichai said he did not build any server specifically for his son to mine. Furthermore, he said that there was only one computer at home.

Sundar Pichai explained to his son how the real world money works:

Google CEO’s Son Mines Ethereum-According to Sundar Pichai, his son has more knowledge about virtual currencies than anything he himself knows about fiat currencies.

He added “I had explained to him how paper money actually works, I realized he understood ethereum better than how paper money works. I had to talk to him about the banking system, the importance of it. It was a good conversation.”

It is not only Sundar Pichai’s son

Not only Sundar Pichai but Google’s Co-founder Sergey Brin, also revealed in July this year, that he mines Ethereum along with his son. Brin, at the time of disclosure, said, “A year or two ago, my son insisted that we needed to get a gaming PC, I told him, ‘Okay if we get a gaming PC, we have to mine cryptocurrency. So we set up an ethereum miner on there.”

In a letter to investors, Brin wrote something exciting to them, he wrote: “We are truly in a technology renaissance, an exciting time where we can see applications across nearly every segment of modern society, there are several factors at play in this boom of computing. First, of course, is the steady hum of Moore’s Law. The second factor is greater demand, stemming from advanced graphics in gaming. Surprisingly, from the GPU-friendly proof-of-work algorithms found in some of today’s leading cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum.”

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