Ethereum 2.0 not far away says Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin, a well-known name within the crypto-space as the co-founder of Ethereum, has just made the cryptosphere go crazy!


In a presentation at the DevCon4 Conference held in Prague on October the 31st, Vitalik brought in a roadmap for Ethereum 2.0.


The project has been on the go since 2014 and is the result of multiple projects Ethereum developers have been working on. “Serenity” is the title of the project.


Vitalik summarized the talk and said, “Ethereum 2.0 is a combination of a bunch of different features that we’ve been talking about for several years, researching for several years, actively building for several years that are finally about to come together in one cohesive whole.”


Ethereum users and analysts have been waiting for network upgrades.

In order to transfer to a proof-of-stake algorithm, a project called ‘Casper’ has been underway to improve scalability via a process called ‘sharding’.


As we are still waiting for the big launch of the upgrade, we learned a few things from the Ethereum 1.0 release. The developers will have to make some final modifications prior to the release. This includes cross-client test-nets and stabilizing the protocol specifications. These encompass the testing of two very different implementations of the cryptocurrency’s protocol Ethereum 2.0.

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