Japan’s New ICO Regulations – On Dec. 1 local news outlet Jiji Press reported that Japan’s financial regulator is set to present new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) directions to shield investors from fraud.

As per the “informed” sources referred to by Jiji, business administrators leading ICOs will now be required to log with Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA).


Furthermore, the FSA is supposedly arranging to submit bills reconsidering financial instruments, payment services. Similarly exchange laws to the standard parliamentary session that begins in January.

This activity has been attempted “in view of a number of possibly fraudulent ICO cases abroad” as a method “to limit individuals’ investment in ICOs for better protecting them.”


Japan’s New ICO Regulations – Consequently an investigation revealed this July recognized 80 percent of ICOs directed in 2017 as scams. There was a report published a month ago. Similarly, it is based on research conducted by an FSA Study Group on the Virtual Currency Exchange industry. Which was focused on ICOs. Furthermore, the tokens transmitted amid ICOs where arranged into three classes:

  • virtual currencies without the issuer
  • virtual currencies with the issuer
  • tokens with issuers that are additionally obliged to disseminate incomes

As indicated by the report, the first and second token groupings are liable to settlement direction, for example, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. The third class of ICO tokens is liable to investment controls like the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

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