Hacker Group demands bitcoin ransom to hide 9/11 secrets. A particular hacker group has claimed it possesses a large number of “mystery” archives which would uncover delicate information about the 9/11 disaster. The hacker group said that it will disclose the reports unless a strong bitcoin ransom 

9/11 – Untold Truth

On Dec 21, 2018, the Dark Overlord made a long post on Pastebin. It asserted that it had ruptured a worldwide law office dealing with numerous cases identified with the September 11 assaults.

Supposedly, the hacked reports have substance. The group asserts that the records clarify what truly occurred on Sep 11, 2001. It can also go to the extent to say that the reports reveal who the real culprits are. The organization has disclosed a couple of these archives to prove the gravity of their substance.

The officially distributed archives contain messages, letters, and other delicate data that name the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Transport Security Administration (TSA), and a few law offices.


Dissimilar to other sites such as Wiki Leaks, the Dark Overlord appears to be spurred by the quest for bitcoin.

All things considered, the group claims it will just “retain just the most exceptionally classified and delicate reports for a private deal”

To remove their bitcoin emancipate, the hacker group has called upon specialist firms, guarantors, government organizations, and legislators associated with the examination and suit of 9/11 related cases. These organizations are welcome to connect and be formally asked for their “records and materials be pulled back from any possible open discharge,” at a cost. As basic with advanced offenders, the gathering needs to be paid only in bitcoin.

Hiscox Group’s one of its accomplice law offices were broken into. The documents stolen were identified with prosecutions relating to 9/11.

It appears that these intriguing culprits will get some more fuel. It’s not clear what the actual substance of the records is, or how incriminating it may be. What is clear is that the Dark Overlord needs bitcoin, or there will be consequences.

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