Samourai Wallet Dropped Major Privacy Features – Google has laid certain regulatory policies for the Bitcoin wallet Samourai which is going to launch its app on Google App store for their customers. Their privacy policies such as stealth mode has to be taken down because of Google Regulatory Policy.  This also includes remote text message commands sim switch defense.

Though Google has laid regulations on Samourai, the original version is still available for the customers on Github. Samourai calls it a “non nerfed version”. The Samourai’s team is still trying to make the original version available on another open app store for their customers.

Samourai representative said, Samourai Wallet Dropped Major Privacy Features – In October, Google announced changes to their policies regarding SMS and Dialer permissions that apps are allowed to use. The way that our Stealth Mode, Remote SMS commands, and SIM Switch Defense work require the use of these permissions,”

Though Google has rejected Samourai’s application for the exemption, they are still fighting for the approval for exemption.

Apart from this, the main issue is that Samourai is only available for the Android version. Even after many tries, Samourai was not able to pin down the IoS developers. Therefore, the Samourai team is preparing for a separate version for their IoS customers. The team also focused on the changing landscape of the android in the meeting.

Samourai represented, “Very strict changes in background data a few versions ago meant that Samourai users would no longer receive alerts on incoming payments unless we routed all alerts through Google’s own servers. We obviously decided not to do that, but the beginnings of the walled garden being built. The latest policy changes regarding SMS and Dialer permissions show a marked change of strategy for Google. Thus, bringing it closer in alignment with the Apple iOS Store than ever before.”

Samourai has cautioned the users about the integrity of the APK key while downloading the App directly on Samourai’s Github. Users should compare the SHA-256 hash of their APK with SHA-256 hash of Github.

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