Opera announced on Wednesday that it now has the capacity to allow its Android users to directly purchase Ethereum’s cryptocurrency ether (ETH) from its browser based wallet. Android Wallet Now Supported By Opera.


Opera collaborated with regulated crypto brokerage Safello for the new service, in order to provide a cash-to-crypto exchange.This will facilitate payment with credit and debit cards, including “trusted” payment networks like Swish in Sweden.


Purchasing is available only in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, at the time of release.


Safello will verify users who make purchases using Sweden’s BankID and Denmark’s NemId citizens identity solutions. Filling up the wallet using ether will take ‘less than a minute’, claims Opera.


Norway and Denmark will receive a discount fee of 5%, while users in Sweden will get 2.5 %, reveals the announcement.


Opera released its new “Web 3-ready” Android web browser last year in December. Products like ether and other tokens making use of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard are supported. Crypto-collectibles such as CrypoKitties alongside ethereum based decentralised apps or dapps can also be accessed from the wallet.


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