Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports Cryptocurrency Wallet and DApps


A cryptocurrency wallet has recently been released for Samsung Electronics in its brand new flagship telephone, the Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports Cryptocurrency Wallet and dApps.


The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is right now working only with ether (ETH) and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Bitcoin isn’t yet supported, in spite of the logo showing up on previous pre-launch introduction pictures.


The wallet likewise underpins four decentralized applications (dApps) at release. This includes  crypto gaming platform Enjin, beauty network Cosmee, crypto collectibles platform CryptoKitties, and merchant payments service CoinDuck.


The wallet application can be downloaded exclusively on Galaxy S10 smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The firm said it intends to extend the support to more gadgets and cryptographic forms of money later on.


The smartphone begins delivery from pre-request deals on March 8.


The news comes only weeks after Samsung gave the main affirmation that it would offer private digital currency key storage on the S10 device. Before long, the firm uncovered the main subtleties of the storage arrangement, also known as the Blockchain Keystore, which seems to have three expansive highlights:

  • -Payments to merchants,
  • -Digital signatures and
  • -Crypto money stockpiling and transfers


Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be utilized simultaneously alongside Blockchain Keystore, and is intended to streamline the exchange procedure for newcomers to the innovation.


Through the upheld CoinDuck dApp, clients can likewise make installments to vendors.


In the dApp, clients can enter the sum to be paid, filter a QR code on the web or disconnected trader’s wallet address, press the accept button, and the payment will be made through the Samsung wallet. CoinDuck right now is compatible with just ether (ETH).

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