Ethereum mining pool, Sparkpool, found and confirmed the unintentional sender of a bizarrely high miners’ fee. Also, they consented to divide the amount between themselves. Sparkpool recovers $300k of Ether fees transferred accidentally securing a deal to return half.


Sparkpool said it got an email from an unknown client on Feb. 25, guaranteeing that they had committed an error by appending the 2,100 ether (ETH) expense on Feb. 19 which was a sum worth around $300,000 at the time.


To check that the emailer was without a doubt the sender of the installment, Sparkpool responded on Feb. 25, requesting that a token sum from 0.022517 ETH sent through the identical 0x587 location to the pool’s address.


As per the data on Etherscan, the proprietor sent the sum for a measure of ETH at 09:15 UTC that very day, after which Sparkpool consented to negotiate for the following step, including in the announcement that the sender is from a blockchain company situated in South Korea.


The current deal is for Sparkpool to keep half of the 2,100 ETH for pool miners qualified for the reward and restoring the other half to the South Korean firm.


After another demand from Sparkpool, the proprietor of the 0x587 location made a second exchange of 0.666 ETH to Sparkpool with a section coded into the exchange’s hash to affirm the concurred upon split at 05:49 UTC on March 11.


It states:
“Thank you SparkPool and your miners for helping us to recover our loss, we are willing to share half of 2,100 ETH with the miners to thanks the miners’ integrity.”


Sparkpool has now returned 1,050 ETH to the sender.


Following receipt of the installment that was first sent on Feb. 19, Sparkpool incidentally froze the then strangely high mining reward because of the likelihood that it issue unintentionally.

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