Basel Committee Reveals Cryptographic Money Poses a Major Threat to Banks

The association of global banking authorities known as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, has cautioned that the development of digital forms of money presents various dangers to banks and to the stability of worldwide financial markets. Basel Committee reveals Cryptographic money poses a major threat to Banks.

The committee published a statement on Wednesday, generally thought of as the central bank of central banks. In the statement the following risks for banks were pointed out:

  • Liquidity
  • Credit and market risks
  • Operational risk (fraud and cyber dangers)
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorist financing risk
  • Legal and reputational risks

The panel said that in spite of the fact that banks have extremely restricted direct involvement in digital currencies. Comprehensive due diligence should remain as the bare minimum to complete any type of association to crypto assets in order to limit the risks.

Banks should additionally have a “clear and robust” risk management system to manage the “high degree” of hazard presented by cryptographic forms of money.

The committee advised the risk management system to be completely integrated into the general risk management processes of the banks’. They stated to include those linked to anti-money laundering (AML), combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) and avoidance of sanctions.

It included that an extensive appraisal of risks ought to be fused into their internal capital and liquidity adequacy evaluation forms.

Moreover, supervisory bodies ought to have an education of genuine or intended digital money exposure. Alongside confirmation that the organization completely computed and alleviated the dangers.

To conclude, the panel said that it is working with other worldwide standard-setting bodies and the Financial Stability Board (FSB). This is to determine the direction to take on the prudential treatment of banks’ exposure to cryptographic forms of money.

Last June, BIS said:
“Transactions are slow and costly, prone to congestion, and cannot scale with demand,” in its Annual Economic Report, and therefore it’s difficult to confirm whether digital forms of money actually take care of any particular financial issue yet.

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