Kaleido’s newly developed product software-as-a-service blockchain arrangement is compatible on Microsoft Azure just as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Blockchain Firm Kaleido gets access to 80% of Cloud Market thanks to Azure Integration.


Nvestweekly reported that this initiative provides Kaleido customers access to over 80 percent of cloud framework customers. However, support will be available for the top two providers of cloud services. Also, the implications of this for potential future Kaleido customers is that they don’t have to concern themselves over which provider their colleagues and business associates use.


Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder, and CEO said in a statement:

“Our customers’ digital ecosystems can now grow and scale wherever and however the participants require”.
The news implies that Kaleido customers should have fewer problems using its services, as they no longer have to stress over convincing associates to move from Microsoft’s cloud services to Amazon’s (or the other way around).


ConsenSys-sponsored Kaleido was created to make it simpler for big companies to move to production from blockchain pilots. Similarly, launched with support for business consortiums in mind, initially, Kaleido developed as a joint effort among AWS and the Brooklyn-based endeavor studio.


Kaleido referred to building blockchain systems with built up brands. For example, T-Mobile, Sony, Fox, UnionBank and others, in its official announcement.


Komgo, a Kaleido customer, gives data to commodity traders. This is in order for that single source of truth is accessible to all market members. Kaleido makes it simpler for potential users in the network to utilize Komgo as a wellspring of data.


Souleïma Baddi, CEO of Komgo, said in the statement:
“As networks on-board, new members and scale, these sorts of capabilities from Kaleido are critical to remove friction and tear down barriers to adoption”.


Numerous potential institutional clients, as ZDNet detailed in its report, have decided to utilize more than one cloud service provider. However, this indicates that ease of usage and interoperability between cloud administrations is vital to expanding adoption of the blockchain.

Kaleido’s Cervezny stated:
“We’ve built our platform across the leading public clouds including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to give our clients the ability to create global, cross-cloud networks. Our customers’ digital ecosystems can now grow and scale wherever and however the participants require.”

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