The Estonia-based service, DX.Exchange, has opened its market to secondary trading of security tokens. The company soft-launched in January. Crypto Platform DX.Exchange releases a new Secondary Trading of Security Tokens feature.


The trade exchange company now accepts the listing of security tokens by organizations that they issued previously on alternate exchanges. In Europe institutional investors can buy the tokens for fiat, bitcoin, ether, tether and XRP.


To begin with, DX.Exchange’s native IGWT token, will be listed.


In the long run, however, the cofounder Daniel Skowronski said the organization will develop its very own system for asset tokenization.


DX.Exchange promise for its own token is as follows:


  • 18 million IGWT will offer for a limited time in an exclusive security token offering (STO)
  • 10 percent of the organization’s profits will consistently share with token holders


Currently, clients can exchange 10 digital forms of money including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, OmiseGo, XRP, and others. Skowronski said that the exchange is as of now, working in a closed environment for somewhere in the range of 8,000 pre-enlisted clients. The main launch will be in April.


ERC-20 tokens backed by real-world securities, for example, stocks of Tesla, Google, Facebook, Amazon and 30 more, can also be bought and exchanged. The stocks are bought and held by the business MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd. enlisted in Cyprus.


Skowronski said in a public statement that their vision is to cross over any barrier between the old world and the new computerized world. They trust that all assets, whether securities, art or real estate will be tokenized; and that tokenization has numerous advantages. The most noteworthy in his opinion is the capacity to help create riches for individuals everywhere throughout the world regardless of their social and financial circumstances.


As per, Skowronski, the organization doesn’t offer its services to U.S. clients. This is due to regulatory obstacles and isn’t intending to do so in the coming months either.

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