Finturi Secured $2.2 million For New Blockchain-based Invoice Finance Platform

Finturi, which is a Dutch fintech, blockchain startup, announced that it secures $2.2 million (€2 million). It aims to provide loans to all financial businesses against invoices through blockchain tech and accelerate product development. Finturi Secured $2.2 million for new Blockchain-based Invoice Finance Platform.

It was established in September 2018, is a fintech startup based out of The Hague in The Netherlands. The company is led by CEO, Johannes Brouwer, who plans to enable and help businesses finance invoices by linking them with financiers to borrow money against invoices, using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. It provides easy invoice financing that is low cost, quick and secure.

With all these developments and the challenges faced by financial businesses for raising capital, Finturi CEO, Johannes Brouwer, says the firm expects to facilitate the securing of loans against invoices for organizations within a span of 24 hours.

“Even though small and medium enterprises contribute significantly to the economy, it is often challenging for them to raise working capital. The newer the business, the higher the difficulty it faces to raise working capital. We want to solve this problem. We want to build a robust product that enables businesses to get a loan against invoices within 24 hours. Also, we want to provide financiers with a platform for investing in invoices with minimum hassle”.

-Johannes Brouwer, CEO Finturi said


Five Japanese banks have recently entered into partnership in order to  launch blockchain-based financial services infrastructure. Also, focusing on a scope of financial activities for effectiveness enhancements, the banks will use IBM’s ability amid the improvement stage.

“Blockchain technology combined with Artificial Intelligence has a massive potential of eliminating inefficiencies in the current financial processes. It can save costs as well as make processes faster and secure. I am extremely happy to see that one of our portfolio companies is leading the blockchain revolution. We are confident in Finturi’s team and are sure that this investment will drive Finturi to innovate further and be the world’s leading invoice finance platform”.

-The lead investor from NetSam Participaties BV who recently exited a SaaS company said.

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