Ever since the new tasking platform fueled by bitcoin cash (BCH) called Lazyfox.io began to operate, it has been the talking point for most crypto fans. New tasking Platform By Bitcoin cash called Lazyfox.io launched.


On March 13, a programmer headquartered in Berlin, Tobias B reported the public beta launch of Lazyfox.io. This gives users incentives to respond to questions. Also, allows them to take part in surveys, and get BCH by finishing bounties. Tobias disclosed to BCH supporters on r/btc that Lazyfox clients can make inquiries. As well as, set up bounties for different clients to answer them as a method for the incentive.


New tasking Platform By Bitcoin cash called Lazyfox.io launched. The maker says he wanted to make a system like Stackoverflow and Fiverr.

Basically, there are three fundamental highlights on the site accessible to enrolled clients:

  • creating tasks
  • solving tasks
  • resolving disputes


Right now Lazyfox has a group of various assignments for clients to achieve. Assignments incorporate prescribing

  • a tourist guide
  • bug report bounties
  • describing good streaming movies to other users


Clients can advertise things and utilize explicit labels for services like writing, programming, translation, bounties, graphics editing, animation, web design, and tourism. So as to determine a debate, clients can get a specific level of the assignment’s reward, and Lazyfox likewise charges an expense of 1 percent. Tobias has included Badger wallet backing and Jonathan Silverblood’s Cash-ID details.


“The site fully integrates Badger wallet as a login/signup method as well to combine login/signup via bitcoin signature with awesome usability. The platform shows a convenient button if Badger is installed. Shoutout to Jonathan Silverblood for writing the Cash-ID specification and the guys from Badger for the awesome badger chrome/firefox plugin.”

-explained Tobias.

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