The United States Missoula County in Montana’s official website reported on March 14 that it’s country’s commissioners discussed regulation of cryptocurrency mining. The United States Missoula County In Montana Proposes Two Drafts Related to Crypto Mining Operations.


The county website contains two drafts:

  • The first one will be the Cryptocurrency Mining Resolution
  • The second will be the Cryptocurrency Mining Zoning Overlay District Regulations.


A public hearing related to both of these drafts will be held by the county’s commissioners on April 4.

The Cryptocurrency Mining Zoning Overlay District Regulations draft:

“Establishes locations where cryptocurrency mining operations may be sited in Missoula County. Also, conditions that must meet in order to protect the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of county residents.”


In particular, the document puts an emphasis on the possible effect on global warming and electronic waste.


This above regulation will help in setting a number as well as a necessity, if any, for crypto mining. They must check contingency for use, and confirm that all electronic waste created will deal with a DEQ-authorized recycling firm.


“These facilities are required to develop or purchase sufficient new renewable energy to offset 100 percent of the electricity. To meet this condition, the cryptocurrency mining operation must establish that their actions will introduce new renewable energy onto the electrical grid beyond what would develop otherwise.”

-it concludes.


The document additionally states that mining activities that existed before the draft comes into effect, which would not be permitted under this guideline, may remain in business assuming they stay legitimate. In any case, those operations will not be approved for extension or moving in the event that they don’t acclimate with the guidelines, and different conditions are set for such examples.

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