The People’s Bank of China has set up a fintech research institute in order to broaden its blockchain development efforts. Blockchain experts to be recruited by PBOC’s Fintech Research.

A total of 29 job openings have been announced by The Shenzhen Fintech Research Institute via the recruitment website Out of all the jobs listed, three focus on blockchain-related expertise.

The institute is specifically looking for:

The recruits will be responsible for the optimization and development of a distributed network that will be capable of delivering “large scale transactions.”

The requirements for the roles, based on the recruitment information, are as follows:

  • expertise on fundamental blockchain protocol development
  • knowledge of public blockchains
  • experience in distributed network, smart contract and peer-to-peer protocols

Another role the institute is also looking to fill is that of a cryptography engineer. This position will be responsible for the development of cryptography-related software and hardware products.

The Chinese central bank and the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau launched the institute. The main job of the institute is to undertake any fintech and digital currency-related projects initiated by the central bank and the Shenzhen municipal government and see them to completion.

The precise details are not specified of what the job descriptions desire from the distributed network system. However, last year the institute trialed the so-called Bay Area Blockchain Trade Finance platform together with major banks in the country.

A trade finance product director is among the 29 new job openings. The institute is seeking someone who will be “exploring innovative trade finance, business models.”

These recruitment efforts followed the PBoC’s recent move to hire blockchain and legal talents. The organization wants to continue the development of the country’s central bank digital currency project.

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