Support for Tron’s TRX and TRC-standard tokens are being worked upon by Opera. This is to integrate them in its browser-based crypto wallet. Crypto Wallet all Set to Receive Tron Support

Opera said on Wednesday, that the over 300 million worldwide users that the browser has, will be able to use the tokens within the browser. Once the integration of the TRON blockchain is complete.

In addition, when the integration is complete, users will be able to access Tron decentralized applications (dapps). Also, play Tron games within the browser, without requiring third-party extensions or applications. Citing data from DAppReview, Opera said that there are currently over 400 dapps built on the Tron blockchain.

It was further said by the Norwegian browser maker, that within the next 12 months it plans to add support for “multiple” blockchains.

Opera’s cryptocurrency wallet was launched last December at which time it was available only for its Android web browser. Using the network’s ERC-20 standard, it now already supports ethereum’s ether (ETH) and other tokens.

A desktop version of the browser was rolled out by the company last month for the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems that include the wallet. According to last week’s announcement, the browser/wallet combination is also available for iOS devices. That version is currently in beta, however, the full release is anticipated later this year.

Crypto Wallet all Set to Receive Tron Support. Due to a partnership with Safello, the regulated crypto brokerage based in Sweden, earlier this year, Opera was able to provide its Android users with access to purchase ETH cryptocurrency directly from its browser-based wallet.

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