Thanks to a new update of bitcoin’s experimental lightning network, a Twitter app for tipping is now easier to use! Simplified version of Lightning apps to send twitter tips now released., which was launched earlier this year, took Twitter’s crypto community by storm. This is made it possible to tip Twitter users with the experimental micropayment layer lightning. In a bid to create a new level of scaling for the network, this still-nascent project is being built by a series of startups and developers.

In efforts to make onboarding new users to the app much easier, last Thursday night, the Chrome extension app‘s version 1.0, was released with features to fulfil that aim. A more comprehensive built-in wallet and better messaging system, are a couple of the elements included.

Due to the lightning network still being rather experimental, it is considered a little risky to use. Support for was drawn at the time of its release. This is because as long as a user has a Twitter account, the app is easy to set up and use.

Despite its ease of use compared to many other lightning apps, it did not seem complete. This sense of ‘there should be something more’ prompted Sergio Abril, to work on a series of new updates. These updates were then bundled into version 1.0.

The most notable update is that users are no longer required to set up a third party lightning wallet app. One of the most confusing aspects of the app in a previous version was that if you didn’t have a lightning wallet already, one had to be created to send a tip. That is no longer necessary as long as a balance remains on

Something that can be considered a caveat is that is a custodial app. Why this may be concerning is that rather than the users themselves, the app itself has control of the funds sitting on the website.

As an incentive to join, is even giving out some bitcoin to people who do. Just enough for them to send a couple of tips.

Other upgrades are:

  • Users can now use “on-chain” bitcoin instead of just “off-chain” lightning funds to fill up their tipping jar
  • Users can send messages along with their tips

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