Guess which company has just decided to team up with MyEtherWallet. They are the developers of the Finney blockchain phone. They are Sirin Labs! The two have collaborated for an integration aimed to benefit both companies. MyEtherWallet Collaborates with Sirin Labs to roll out Finney Phone Integration.

As of March, the deal will see the ethereum wallet-generating service rolled out in the Finney’s built-in cold (offline) wallet reported by Finance Magnates.

All MyEtherWallet users will have the option to buy the smartphone through the wallet service’s web and via app platforms. The report by Finance Magnates also shared that the firm sees this deal as a gateway for Finney users to have greater accessibility ether (ETH) and control their private keys.

The CEO of Sirin Labs, Zvika Landau was quoted to be saying that the integration is a move towards a “greater market share for both companies, as the two products complement each other.”

In a tweet MyEtherWallet confirmed the alliance of the new relationship.

As disclosed in November, the Finney phone takes a focus on secure storage of owners’ cryptocurrencies. The phone notably provides a cold (offline) storage wallet, as confirmed by the firm, which is effectively a second device stashed in the phone’s housing. The wallet even boasts a separate processor, users will have the ability to interact with it via a second LCD screen – the only place security seed phrases can be typed in.

The Finney is also designed to make crypto easier to use. It will convert between different tokens as needed by users when operating different apps, although at launch token choice was limited. Sirin updated the phone earlier this month to support all ethereum ERC-20 tokens, as well as dash and litecoin.

The phone runs on a modified version of Android, called SirinOS, which is built with blockchain functionality in mind.

According to the Finney website, other features include:

  • physical switch for wallet security,
  • encrypted communications
  • three-factor authentication

The Israel-based company has raised over $157 million via an initial coin offering (ICO) last year to fund the device’s development.

In March’s report MyEtherWallet founder and CEO, Kosala Hemachandra, said:

“We believe having an on-phone hardware wallet is immensely valuable to users. This will not only make it easy to send and receive crypto transactions, but it will also make crypto more accessible to a wide range of users.”

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