Computing giant, IBM, filed a patent application defining a web browser based on blockchain. Through the Patent and TradeMark Office of the United States, it was published on August 6. IBM Files Patent For Blockchain Enabled Web Browser.

According to the patent, the peer-to-peer web browser is capable of collecting pre-specified information that gets collected during browsing sessions. This data will later be allocated to a decentralized network of nodes for time-stamping, authentication and storage.

According to IBM, a blockchain-based browser “affords a system for storing browsing information such that privacy is preserved and places privacy in the ‘hands of a user’ rather than a third party.”

Some of the data that could be stored in the chain includes:

  • visited websites
  • bookmarks
  • search requests
  • cookies
  • geolocations
  • browser security

IBM says tokens will check the browsing session of a user as they are packed into blocks via the decentralized network.

Furthermore, the company added that a blockchain-powered web browser is less vulnerable to cyber attacks, as browsing information can be retrieved at any moment, even if it is removed from a computer.

Recently IBM and blockchain company Chainyard launched a new blockchain network for supply chain management.

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