All You Need to Know About World’s ‘First’ Blockchain Smartphone “FINNEY”

The world’s first blockchain-enabled smartphone will soon be available in Bangladesh, according to a report from The Daily Star. All you need to know about the world’s ‘First’ Blockchain Smartphone “FINNEY”.

The Swiss-based smartphone from Sirin Labs, known as FINNEY, is going to be one of the safest and most expensive smartphones to both store and spend cryptocurrency in a mobile environment.

The phone is designed and manufactured by Foxconn Technology Group, a Chinese electronics giant. However, for honoring bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, the smartphone is named “FINNEY.”

Here are some of the unique features of the FINNEY Blockchain smartphone:

1) Cyber Protection

With an increase in the number of hackers, mobile phones are susceptible to cyber-attack; with this in mind, the unique cyber-protection solution from FINNEY is intended to provide savvy mobile users with robust protection of the device and data, shielding against malware, network attacks, and physical attacks.

2) Token Conversion Service (TCS)

In the background of your phone, the TCS works to facilitate a cryptocurrency purchase. It operates by automatically carrying out all the required transfers and transactions to purchase with cryptocurrency that you do not own, and uses the cryptocurrency stored in your FINNEY Wallet.

FINNEY’s integrated token conversion service enables seamless exchange between tokens and coins.

3) dCENTER App

It is the portal to all things decentralized. The primary objective is to promote the additional growth of various decentralized apps in a safe, secure and seamless manner through a native application-like experience.

FINNEY’s, dCENTER makes using DApps as easy as using native apps; unlocking the privacy and decentralization of blockchain for everyday products and services.

4) Learn & Earn

Keep abreast of blockchain projects, and obtain tokens via their airdrop system. Also, the dCENTER includes a ‘Learn & Earn’ program that rewards customers with actual tokens to learn about new, exciting and upcoming crypto landscape projects.

5) FINNEY Wallet

The FINNEY Wallet is an authentic cold-storage hardware wallet, complete with distinct memory, a processor, screen, keyboard, firmware, and software. However, it is the only wallet that is presently safe and secure enough in a mobile environment to store and use cryptocurrency.

The integrated cold storage wallet of FINNEY enables you to hold and carry your tokens securely and make on-the-go transactions.

As per the company, it will run on a Sirin operating system “Shield OS” specially designed to support blockchain applications such as crypto wallets and secure exchange access.

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