Cryptocurrency is under Apple’s observation! Apple Executive sees potential In cryptocurrency.

Jennifer Bailey, Apple Pay’s vice president said: “We think it’s interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential.” While she spoke to CNN at a private event in San Francisco.

At the CNN event, she discussed the future of payments. Therefore did not expand upon the potential uses that could be pursued by Apple technology.

It would indeed be surprising if Apple had not been watching crypto, as Facebook intends to release its stablecoin Libra the upcoming year.

There may be something happening behind the scenes at Apple’s Cupertino HQ, based on remarks from Bailey.

Apple Executive sees potential In cryptocurrency. A filing was submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by Apple in February. Exclusive information about the interest of the computing giant in blockchain tech was contained in that submission.

Apple’s participation in the drafting of “Blockchain Guidelines” for the Responsible Business Alliance’s Responsible Minerals Initiative and the work with the RBA’s blockchain team were revealed in the document.

As it is difficult for users to tip when using Apple Pay, the company is looking to resolve the issue.

The reason why Apple wants the new Apple Card to be kept away from other credit cards, leather, and denim, Bailey clarified, is because the company wants it to always “look perfect.”

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