Red Cat Holdings announced that it has partnered with GoChain to integrate its blockchain black box and distributed storage system onto the GoChain platform. Red Cat partners with GoChain to create Blockchain-Based Black Box.

It claims that it has created the industry’s first black box flight recorder and distributed safety. Also, the encryption system for drones that regulators and insurance companies can trust.

The holdings company explained that as part of the partnership it will incorporate its black box blockchain and distributed storage system onto the GoChain platform.

The company believes that the platform involves many integrated systems that allow industry regulators to monitor and review information on drone flight. Also, insurance companies to ensure drones with accurate information from third parties, and pilots to guarantee compliance with regulators.

In 2018, Red Cat set out on a mission to build the first native blockchain black box analytics platform for the drone industry. We are pleased to announce we have delivered on that mission,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat.

“Experienced partners like GoChain allow us to immediately and easily deliver the technology to our customers with speed and scale, a crucial step as we move towards our commercialization later this year.” added further.

Red Cat partners with GoChain to create Blockchain-Based Black Box. GoChain will provide the distributed storage infrastructure for Red Cat where encrypted drone information is secured and stored on a blockchain, allowing pilots to comply with operations and data privacy.

Jason Dekker, CEO said:

With more companies like Amazon testing drones for delivery, Red Cat’s black box technology is critical to receiving approval from aviation regulators around the world. GoChain is proud to provide Red Cat with a blockchain platform that will facilitate their data transfer and streamline the distribution and exchange of data to B2B partners while ensuring compliance.”

Red Cat is a leading provider of secure blockchain-based distributed storage, analytics and SaaS services for the drone industry.

GoChain partners with businesses across all sectors to rapidly launch and handle their own low-cost. Also, scalable blockchain solutions, operate distributed apps and deploy smart contracts.

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