Making its first official trade listing on Upbit’s platform is South Korean messaging giant, Kakao’s “Klay” token. The “Klay” token is the native cryptocurrency of the company that was launched recently on the Klaytn blockchain. Kakao’s Klay Cryptocurrency Debuts on Upbit in Singapore and Indonesia.

Upbit is the South Korean fintech company, Dunamu’s, cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto exchange supports more than 150 crypto assets.

Upbit operates global exchanges in Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia. Also, Upbit is a partner of the U.S.-based exchange, Bittrex.

To celebrate the KLAY listing, Upbit is holding a KLAY airdrop social media event to deliver a total of 5,000,000 KLAY.

Kakao’s Klay Cryptocurrency Debuts on Upbit in Singapore and Indonesia. On 6 September, Upbit Singapore announced that, after a price discovery, Klay would list on the Dutch auction on 18 September. At that time the price would be reduced until buyers are found.

The price survey will end, according to the announcement said, when either the total bid received hits the hard cap, or the auction runs its allocated 12 hours.

Also, active bidders will obtain their Klay later. At a later date, a Klay or bitcoin exchange pair will be empowered.

Klaytn is a global public blockchain platform created by Ground X, South Korea’s leading Internet company’s blockchain subsidiary, Kakao.

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