Aventus Unveils Blockchain Protocol to Facilitate Ticketing Industry

Aventus announced the launch of Aventus Classic, a decentralized open-source protocol for the ticketing industry. Aventus Unveils Blockchain Protocol to Facilitate Ticketing Industry.

The new app will stop fraud and provide more transparency in the event ticketing industry.

The company release said:

This release marks our first real step in engaging with the open-source community, as Aventus Classic will now be open to contributions from anyone and will no longer be solely developed by official partners of the Aventus Protocol Foundation.”

Classic is created on the Ethereum blockchain. This sets a new open global standard for ticket exchange without relying on layer-2 alternatives. Aventus Classic will boost the public blockchain ticket transaction speed of 100 tickets per second.

Aventus Classic DApp Competition

The release coincides with the Aventus Classic DApp Competition in partnership with ‘The Satoshi Awards’.

This competition challenges members to create a blockchain-based ticketing system. The company will award the recipient $15,000 in ETH. They can see their system in action at the first event of the Satoshi Awards along with 2 VIP tickets to the ceremony. 

Aventus Unveils Blockchain Protocol to Facilitate Ticketing Industry. The winning build will be used as the ticketing platform for the first-ever event of The Satoshi Awards, which will take place in mid-2020.

The contest is open to all developers of blockchain and development teams. It will take place from September 12, 2019, to November 12, 2019. Developers are expected to create a ticket sales platform, a ticket delivery app, and an access control app using the company’s newly released code.

Participants should note that the winner will be judged by the Satoshi Awards team. It will not be decided by Aventus or any part of the Aventus Network individually.

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