Refereum, the gaming company confirms its alliance with DLive. DLive is a growing streaming platform for blockchain. The partnership enables gamers to earn rewards for live streaming games. Gaming firm Refereum partners with Dlive for crypto rewards.

Alistair Doulin, Chief Technology Officer at Refereum said:

Refereum is a place for streamers on any streaming platform to engage their users. Everyone can now connect their DLive account and earn rewards for watching their favorite streamers. We’re proud that we’ll be helping bridge the accessibility for all platforms to earn rewards on Refereum.”

DLive is the first blockchain streaming service on the Refereum network next to Twitch and Mixer.

As per the company, content creators at Dlive can now earn rewards for streaming hubs and compete amongst other Twitch, Mixer, and DLive streamers.

Six DLive streamers were provided hubs on the Refereum: 

  • Ltzonda
  • Atlas
  • Realseb
  • Seanhawk
  • SosoSmooth
  • Kang Gaming
  • Nerd Nation

Charles Wayn, CEO at Dlive said:

Bringing benefits to our streamers is always one of the DLive team’s priorities. We are so happy to partner with Refereum to achieve shared goals and ultimately benefit the whole content creators community.

So far, Refereum has collaborated with several well-known teams including: 

  • Epic Games
  • Microsoft
  • EA
  • Verus Evil
  • Annapurna 
  • Private Division

Gaming firm Refereum partners with Dlive for crypto rewards. DLive claims all incentives belong to the users of the program and does not pay any discounts or fees to the creators of content. At present, with more than 125,000 active streamers, DLive has more than 5 million monthly active users.

Refereum revealed in July, its collaboration with a developer, and publisher of online games based in South Korea to extend its scheme of in-game rewards.

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