French officials shut down a botnet army responsible for crypto-jacking thousands of computers across 140 nations. 850000 servers infected by crypto jacking virus allowing hackers to run off with millions!!!

Officials of French cybersecurity nicknamed “cyber gendarmes,” said they would disable 850,000 strong servers operating primarily in Latin America.

As per a BBC report, the botnet head in France used monero cryptojacking software to inject computers.

Crypto-jacking involves installing crypto-mining software on computers remotely and privately.

Avast, a private company, first found the virus. Hacker spread this through an email promising money or erotic pictures. An infected USB drive, in some instances, carried it.

850000 servers infected by a crypto-jacking virus. Jean-Dominique Nollet, Head of the Center for Combating Digital Crime, said to France Inter radio: “Basically, we managed to detect where the command server, the control tower of the network of infected computers, the ‘botnet.’”

He added:

“It was copied, replicated with a server of ours, and made to do things that allow the virus to be idle on the victims’ computers.”

Nollet cautioned that it would be easy to reboot the hack as a copy and paste command.

Nollet continued:

“Unfortunately we know they can recreate this kind of hacker server at any time.”

French officials have been tracking the head pirate server of Île-de-France.

The authorities shut down the server for the next six months as they migrate the virus to unused areas of the web.

Since 2016, the server has been in action, including other nefarious acts, using the Retadup virus to cryptojack computers and capturing personal data from Israeli hospitals.

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