Digital asset listing program by coinbase-Coinbase started the new process in which the asset of the token holder can be listed in the platform by the customer using his token. Coinbase stated that this is to expand its asset offerings.

The week before this announcement coinbase was initially exploring stellar lumens(XLM), Zcash(ZEC) and Cardano(ADA) for asset including in it.


Now creators can apply for their digital asset listing just by visiting Fees for this could be introduced in future but initially, it’s free. The fee is to cover the legal and operational costs involved in on-boarding new coins. Presently bitcoin, bitcoin cash, either, ethereum classic and litecoin are controlled by coinbase on its platform.

Digital asset listing program by coinbase-Thousands of digital assets are there in coinbase platform, these include all types of coins, tokens, forks, stable-coins, and collectibles. But coinbase wants to start a new process through which customer can add more digital assets in a secure and compliant way meeting its standards. This is all because of the request from the top customers of coinbase.

These changes are going to help coinbase in increasing its blockchain based projects exponentially. And it can compete with the foreign-based exchanges that offer a variety of options for traders.

According to recent studies, coinbase found that it needs to merge itself as a global perspective company. Because crypto is becoming more important across the world. This is stated by the Dan Romero, vice president, and general manager of coinbase consumer.

Coinbase is going to use a disciplined process to list digital assets in its platform, it will list digital assets that are “compliant with local law” and satisfy listing requests in a “jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner”. For example, the assets available for Canadian customers, might not be available to customers in the united states.

Coinbase wants to balance this providing VPN to every customer. And this may even put off some of the crypto industry’s die-hards who value privacy.

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