Around 4,000 Bitcoin ATMs Installed Around The World. According to current global statistics provided by, Bitcoin ATMs around the globe are now close to 4,000. Cointatmradar is a platform that controls all the cryptocurrency ATM’s around the world. Bitcoin ATMs in 5 years have become increasingly accepted across the globe.

A large number of people are now in the purchase of Bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies worldwide. In order to purchase, one way is through the use of ATMs. Ever since Digital asset dispensing ATMs have been introduced, there has been significant growth in the installation of ATMs. There are now 1,200 BCH dispensing devices located around the world.

The analytical website also provides some important data related to the increase in cryptocurrency ATMs around the world. It reports that around 6.7 crypto ATMs are installed every day. This measurement is based upon the speed of installations during the last seven days.

Around 4,000 Bitcoin ATMs Installed Around The World. The report also revealed that over 71% of the world’s cryptocurrency ATMs are in North America and the second largest number of such machines, 23.5% are in Europe. Followed by Asia 2.5%, South America has 0.98% and Africa 0.20%. A large number of ATMs are located in North America consisting of 993.

It has been observed that operators are not only focusing on Bitcoin but also various other altcoins. Litecoin is the most popular altcoin offering and then Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Other cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Monero, Dogecoin, and ZCash have also been provided support. Additionally, nearly four in ten Bitcoin ATMs let users both buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Over time, there has been an increase in the number of Bitcoin ATM manufacturers. In the early Bitcoin ATM industry, Lamassu was the most prominent company but as of now, it is the third largest among ATM manufacturers, with a market share of  10.96%.

The American company, Genesis Coin is the largest ATM manufacturer which has a market share of over 30%, followed by 29% market share of European based General Bytes. The lowest on the list of ATM manufacturers are Orderbob ATM which has a market share of 2.13%.

One of the most important things in Bitcoin ATM services that must be improved is the transaction fees. They account on average at 8.85% for buying cryptocurrency and at a cheaper rate of 7.9% for selling cryptocurrency. The higher level of convenience leads to higher premium fees.

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