AT&T Designs Software Solutions  – Blockchain technology has been seen to be expanding its application in many industries recently. This is also the case because some famous names in business have adopted and acknowledged the significance of Blockchain technology. One of the most recent entries to this fast-growing list is AT&T.

Having said that, we need to make it clear that this is not the first time AT&T has done something within blockchain systems. They filed a patent back in November 2016 for a distributed network model that proposed verified content through its subscription-based system, but with more stability and security.

AT&T Designs Software Solutions  – The internet and phone giant started to concentrate on designing blockchain solutions that would be compatible with Microsoft Azure and IBM’s blockchain technologies in February this year and has already completed the design of a few it had promised.

“We’re combining our edge-to-edge capabilities with blockchain technology, our IoT(Internet of Things) solutions add automation and critical monitoring capabilities. AT&T company’s consulting team can design, deploy and manage blockchain solutions” stated the company on its recent blog post.

AT&T Designs Software Solutions  – The IBM blockchain platform hosts and supports supply chains, logistics, and hosts live networks for numerous firms. AT&T is planning to record its data on this platform. There are several infrastructure asset management firms to whom this safer service network is to be provided and AT&T plans to do the same by building ‘Maximo Asset Health Insights’. In order to complete this asset management system, AT&T is utilizing the IBM Maximo Network on blockchain to do so. This integration of AT&T with IBM has surely raised hopes among blockchain enthusiasts.

That is not the end of AT&T’s visionary move, however. It is followed by AT&’s integration with another tech-giant that offers numerous enterprise ledger protocols designed for firms and is also the provider of network structures for single-member, multi-member and dev-consortiums, and it’s none other than Microsoft.

AT&T had a list of supply chains whose management seemed to be growing out of control. In order to handle this situation, AT&T found a solution, which is the reason behind it’s integration with Microsoft Azure. Providing transparency in the system is another important objective too.

AT&T Designs Software Solutions  – In the manufacturing industry, it requires a great deal to work on wastage, the security of information and excess stocks. In addition to this, most of today’s businesses are getting automated everywhere. However, some business is meant to be run in a traditional manner no matter what updates take place in technology. So, it has become mandatory for businesses to find a balance between automated and non-automated approaches in their relevant business; and needless to say how necessary the security aspect around the data and directories is. AT&T believes that all these aspects can be handled efficiently, along with a real-time tracking enabled system, with its blockchain solutions.

This development has increased the expectations from the firm and, has once again made enough impact within the industry to keep blockchain technology growing and expanding into various businesses.

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