Banque de France, the French Central Bank, is looking to hire a Blockchain technology analyst. The job role would be to guide the bank to outline a digital currency implementation program. 

In the recent job posting, the bank looked to hire an analyst having experience in:

  • Game theory
  • Cryptoeconomics
  • Public Blockchain 
  • Private Blockchain

Banque de France is also looking for the position of a development engineer who would analyze the use of Blockchain technology is crucial banking operations.

For the Blockchain analyst role, the banking institution mentioned  the following as examples of Private Blockchain:

  • Quorum, 
  • Hyperledger
  • Corda

It also mentioned the following examples of Public Blockchain:

  • Bitcoin Blockchain 
  • Ethereum Blockchain

In the past, the banking institution has mainly focused on Blockchain but not on Bitcoin. In 2016, it ran a digital identification trial that examined the usage of Blockchain in identity markers management. The identity markers are used to create the identity of creditors within the SEPA.

The governor of the bank declared that it would build a financial technology innovation lab. The lab would comprise of Blockchain startup firms.

In 2018, the bank had suggested prohibiting insurance firms, banking companies, and trust corporations from getting involved in crypto assets. But recently, the French central bank’s situation eased when Denis Beau, one of its deputy governors, asked for a global supervisory structure on crypto assets.


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