Last November the multinational semiconductor company, Bitmain, started building a vast bitcoin mine at a plant in Texas, expanding the plant’s power size from 25 megawatts to 50 megawatts and potentially 300 megawatts. Bitcoin Mine Being Constructed Rivals Bitmain’s Texas Plant.

Whinstone US, the data center developer, started construction of its own Bitcoin mine in Rockdale which starts at 300 megawatts! It is expected to expand to 1 gigawatt by the end of this year. The company set up the projects in collaboration with Japan’s version of GoDaddy, GMO Internet.

The German company, Northern Bitcoin, which operates a Bitcoin mine in Norway using renewable sources, acquired Whinstone US a week after the announcement.

The mine is expected to reach its full capacity by the end of 2020. 300 megawatts and the whole 1 gigawatt of power are scheduled to go online in the Q1 and Q4 of 2020 respectively.

The clashing Bitcoin mining projects have the same owner. Both are in the Aluminum company Alcoa’s real estate property portfolio.

Northern Bitcoin shared at the time that two listed firms agreed to be its first clients. They “will use a significant portion of the capacity for Bitcoin mining.”

As per a report about their merging, Aroosh Thillainathan, Whinstone US’s co-founder, announced the deal can “shape the future course of the global mining industry.” 

Mathis Schultz, Northern Bitcoin’s CEO, said the alliance “catapults” his company, that was introduced in 2018, to be ahead of the pack.

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