BlackBerry blockchain partnership to support medical research. BlackBerry the software giant announced that it wants to support medical research by storing medical data with Blockchain implementation. Thursday it stated that it planning for new Blockchain platform which is aimed at storing and sharing medical data.

“The digital ledger will be supported by the “carrier-grade network operation center”(NOC), which is developed by the biotech incubator ONEBIO. Security of data from patients, labs, and monitors is achieved by this platform”. Stated in the press release.

BlackBerry blockchain partnership to support medical research. The “Ultra-secure global ecosystem” is created by the NOC. Consequently, the data can be filled in this ecosystem by individuals or biometric devices by using Internet-of-things. The platform is also open for the researcher to collect data for their research things.

Global Commission to End the Diagnostic Odyssey for children will be the first client of BlackBerry, this organization is actively helping children for rare disease diagnoses.

The leading Global biotech is focused on rare diseases. Hence, Global commission technology pilots want to know how BlackBerry’s new solution will provide real-time, actionable analysis as the Commission seeks to use technology to shorten the time to diagnosis.

BlackBerry is ventured into the crypto world by joining a number of other traditional smartphone developers. However, Nokia has also partnered with blockchain data platform Streamer and Software company OSisoft and created “wet its feet” to help users monetize their personal data. The aim is to allow users to “buy and sell” real-time data streams through ethereum smart contracts. DATACoin token is also released for this purpose.

BlackBerry emerged with the new idea and with a vast field to implement Blockchain technology, however, Global Commission is waiting for the end result for long term implementation.

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