Blockchain Cancer Research Gets Screening Tool. As a drive to encourage innovation and technology, a cancer research organization of the U.K. has the backing of the Austrian government to support it in utilizing blockchain to recognize the illness.

With plans to open an exploration lab in the city of Graz, ‘Lancor Scientific’ has built a gadget. This will o recognize different types of cancer. Also, it will record the screening results with the help of smart contracts on the blockchain. The goal is to achieve 90 percent accuracy which is similar to Google’s Lymph Node Assistant. The cancer growth screening instrument initiated in October and functions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).

Austria has traditionally sought to support both blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation

Blockchain Cancer Research Gets Screening Tool. The public statement states that Lancor will partner with regional universities including the Medical University of Graz, the Technical University of Graz, and the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna on worldwide research projects.

Speaking about the testing of blockchain executions in the Austrian government, Austria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margarete Schramböck specifically mentioned blockchain as a field of significant enthusiasm at the state level.

“Blockchain is definitely one of the new important technologies,” she stated, and then added further:

“In addition to Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition, it is one of the big issues we want to highlight in the coming period of the EU Presidency.”

The official statement informed that the Austrian government will give Lancor Scientific allotted grants over a span of five-year for facilities,  “research equipment, access to academic expertise and clinical trials management.”

By remaining open to experimentation in the legislature, Austria has customarily tried to encourage both cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation.

The Government Moved To Issue $1.35 Billion In Bonds On The Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain

In the year 2017, Vienna, the capital, has seen different endeavors to expand awareness among the public regarding the crypto-phenomenon including a “cryptocurrency bank”.

The beginning of this month, adjoining Germany’s deviation in its position over Bitcoin (BTC) saw a Munich-based casino ship in the nation’s first Bitcoin ATM in quite a while, coming from over the border from Austria. The government had already issued $1.35 billion in bonds on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain back in September.

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