Bosch Expanded Marketplace For Its IOTA Data – Engineering and electronics giant Bosch has recently expanded its marketplace for its IOTA data. It has been a player in the decentralized data marketplace. Hence by expanding its marketplace in crypto IOTA data, it has become the 12th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its new device in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to play a major role in the decentralized economy.

The IoT-focussed arm of Bosch in Germany has developed a Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK). This device is a programmable sensor and gives information about environmental conditions like humidity, noise and light levels, and acceleration. This real-time news is stored in the cloud memory of the device. Similarly, it is uploaded or sold on IOTA’s decentralized data marketplace simultaneously. This is going to happen completely on open-source code.

Bosch Whooping Share On IOTA Marketplace.

Bosch Expanded Marketplace For Its IOTA Data – Since being revealed as an experimental run program in November 2017, the Data Marketplace has been slung to end up as one of the MIOTA token’s forthcoming powerhouse utilization cases. Encouraging the buy and on-offering of IoT information. Therefore, An item the IOTA establishment keeps up inside years will turn into the “fuel of the future”. Which is gathered by and in excess of 75 billion gadgets.

In the previous year, Bosch reported its revenues around $87 billion, which it hasn’t achieved in decades and placed itself in the Fortune 500. Similarly, now its target is to monopolize the IOTA marketplace by using its cross-domain development kit (XDK) on the decentralized economy.

Bosch’s vision is to have approximately 20 billion connected devices in the decentralized economy by the end of 2020. And “an open and decentralized data lake that is accessible to any compensating party.”

“Currently data is mostly limited to the control of a few entities and not available for the broad masses. Therefore, not everyone can develop new use cases or business areas. Especially at this time when data is becoming increasingly important, IOTA presents a counterpart to the status quo with their Data Marketplace”.


XDK IoT node could be the game-changer for the German electronics giant Bosch to increase its vision. It will increase the potential use of real-time news and marketplace for the decentralized economy.   


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