Openings for Crypto-officers-The world is now looking at a future of money, which is undoubtedly cryptocurrency. Though there are many people who question this future, here is one great proof to all of them and definitely, they can’t ask for more.

Yes. Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China has published a document on its official website which revealed that there were four vacancies in the bank for crypto-currency related roles.

The bank seems to be looking for two engineers with knowledge in blockchain and cryptography security and chip design. The bank is developing a big data platform and chip processor that will securely allow transactions related to cryptocurrency.

The engineers are expected to work for software systems with digital currencies. Similarly with Encryption technology, and security models. The development of chips to allow cryptocurrency transactions has given major priority.

PBoC is also looking for economic and financial experts. Who can assist handle legal research, analyzing the economic mechanisms, risk management and developing the policies for the legal digital currency.


Recently, a local finance journal associated with PBoc had published an op-ed. In this op-ed, there were descriptions of the bank’s experts about the recently launched USD- backed stablecoins that can have a negative impact on other fiats like yuan. But that was not the end.  They concluded in the op-ed that China should launch its own stabelcoins as a solution to this problem. However, the ban on cryptocurrencies is still in practice.

 Openings for Crypto-officers-It needs to be noted that China had banned cryptocurrency in 2017, which led to all the ICOs getting banned and cryptocurrency exchanges shut down. But China began to concentrate on blockchain development after the ban. China had announced the launch of a  blockchain trading and finance platform in Shenzhen. This is planned to expand across various regions to allow cross-border trading. Some of these locations even have tech parks built around them. Which mark the significance of the investments and technology development around blockchain and cryptocurrency in China.

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