Zcash Foundation has donated $40,000 to a Canadian non-profit group that is working on Cwtch. Canadian Private Messaging Developer Receives a $40,000 Donation from Zcash Foundation.

Cwtch is a decentralized, privacy-conserving, optimized multi-party messaging protocol that can be used to build applications that are resistant to metadata.

The non-profit group announced that it has received 1,044 ZEC from the Zcash organization. The word Cwtch is derived from a Welsh word meaning “a hug that creates a safe space”.

The initial phase included the transfer of Cwtch from Ricochet to a homegrown system called Tapir as the underlying protocol for Peer <-> server communications.

The project is still in a premature messaging stage between approximately a dozen node operators and server operators.

Zcash is among a handful of cryptocurrencies that, along with a transaction-encrypted memos, directly provide a way to transfer significant data.

The design, however, does not provide a way to spend those tokens and was written to fill out a portion of the work of Zcash integration.

The Open Privacy firm said:

By providing multiple avenues for people to be compensated to host anonymous services, we hope to spread the scale burden and increase the robustness & reliability while maintaining, and even reinforcing the distributed & decentralized nature of the system.

In addition to server-side support, and the most critical aspect of this whole project will be people using Cwtch, where zcash and other cryptos can be easily used to pay for anonymous services or even accept them on their own.

Zcash is a cryptocurrency designed for private transactions and for coin users like Monero (XMR).

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