Catalan Government to use Blockchain for Public E-Voting System. Catalan, an autonomous community in Spain, on the northeastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, designated as a nationality by its Statute of Autonomy, is considering blockchain for the community’s voting system, as reported in the Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia on Monday, Nov. 19.

Earlier in October, a preliminary bill was approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia. The bill was introduced to establish an e-voting system for residents abroad in major elections. Also, in other voting processes in the autonomous community.

Recently, Ismael Peña-López revealed that the government is mulling over whether to introduce an external e-voting system by the year 2020. Also, as well as to extend electronic voting to all voters. Ismael Peña-López is the director of Citizen Participation of the Government of Catalonia… Peña-López further adds, the use of blockchain in the state e-voting system is still being considered, although the Generalitat has still not decided on the matter:

“An interesting option is to use blockchain. […] The Generalitat has not made a clear commitment to the blockchain and is still exploring what options there are before deciding.”

Back in July, the Government of Catalonia revealed a plan for blockchain tech deployment within its public administration processes. This is in order to improve “digital services to the public.”

The Catalan community has been fighting for their independence from the Spanish Government since 1922. On Oct. 27, 2017, after a controversial referendum, the Catalan Parliament declared independence from Spain.


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