Parity Technologies Awarded For Developments In Blockchain

Parity technologies awarded for developments in the blockchain. Ethereum is continuously developing its blockchain for its users. the London based technology firm Parity is working for many months. Recently the Parity Technologies achieved a major milestone in blockchain development. Hence Ethereum has awarded the Parity Technologies with $5 million, to fund its ongoing work on […]

Swiss Brand To Become First European Country To Trace Tuna On The Blockchain

A Swiss food company is about to become the first European food importer to make the supply chain of its canned tuna fully traceable using distributed ledger technology. Gustav Gerig AG will include the Pacifical logo on the traceable can lids of the “Raimond Freres” brand. Atato Builds Ethereum Supply Chain Platform for Tuna Industry […]

Ether Foundation During Drop Is Not Strong Due To Untested Support

Much like whatever is left of the crypto advertise, ether has gotten itself downgraded by over 90% since its untouched high of $1,400 back in December of 2017. What’s more, now, very nearly a year later, ether sits simply above $100 on what seems, by all accounts, to be unstable ground amid its most recent […]

First in the World: Blockchain Conference Tickets Sold by Smart Contracts

Blockshow is a successful host of blockchain conferences around the world. It has successfully hosted the conferences in Berlin and Las Vegas this year and is focusing on the next event at Asia. And Blockshow Asia already has a differentiating factor with it. The people who are excited about participating in the conference can book […]

Ripple Over Takes Ethereum As The Largest Altcoin

Ripple Over Takes Ethereum As The Largest Altcoin. Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and Litecoin, have fallen once again over the last 24 hours which has caused much concern for investors and traders about the future of cryptocurrencies.   The bearish movements in the present cryptocurrency market resulted in the […]

Crypto-Backed Crowdfunding

 Crypto-Backed Crowdfunding – Cryptocurrency has always been looking for new use cases from its development. Similarly, the use case of crypto has been increased from accepting payments from pizza to cab. Now, cryptocurrency is getting into #MeToo movement as well with the use of seeds. Crowdfunding This new use case from cryptocurrency enables or helps […]

A City in Nevada To Be Built On Blockchain

A City in Nevada To Be Built On Blockchain. Jeffrey Berns, a cryptocurrency millionaire, has spent $400 million on an enormous plot of land in the Nevada desert of the United States. With an intention of building a utopian community, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Berns is the  CEO of Blockchains LLC. This is […]

New Mining System For Ethereum 2.0

There is huge curiosity already around Ethereum 2.0!! New Mining System For Ethereum 2.0 -To add to the curiosity, the firm has announced that there will be a specialized hardware system for mining. The Ethereum Foundation has partnered with blockchain data storage network Filecoin. Together, both these firms are aiming to establish a new hardware […]

Big Milestone For Blockchain

Big Milestone For Blockchain -The Austrian Government announced that it has prepared to auction $1.3 billion worth of bonds on Ethereum, which will be the largest initial milestone for the blockchain. Austrian treasury stated that these are Government Bonds and will be the largest-ever smart contract by a governmental organization till date. “This added security contributes […]

Launch Of The New Ethereum Based Token Backed By Bitcoin

Launch Of The New Ethereum Based Token Backed By Bitcoin. A new Ethereum-based token set to launch next year. This token is 1:1 back with the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). The CTO of BitGo, Benedict Chan, in a blog post released this information.    On the Ethereum network, the new token will launch. Even […]