Setting Up an Holding Company

Holding companies are formed to organize and manage a group of smaller companies. If you are a business owner of investor, you may consider forming a holding company to protect your business assets or get a more favorable tax rate. Assess your business needs. A holding company is an incorporated business that holds investments in […]

Investment Made In Holding Company

Advantages Of Structuring Companies Into A Holding And A Subsidiary Company Large capital: The financial resources of the holding and subsidiary companies can be merged and hence, the company can undertake large-scale projects to increase its profit. Avoidance of competition: When both the holding and subsidiary company are in the same line of business, competition […]

Binance Introduces Blockchain-Based Charity Website ‘BCF’ at UN Conference.

Presently it has been authentically uncovered on the Binance blog that a Blockchain controlled gift platform, ┬áBlockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), has been acquainted with the world. The main declaration in regards to the task was made on October 24, 2018 amid the World Investment Forum. The occasion was composed in Geneva, Switzerland by the U.N. […]

Cobo raised $13 million funds

┬áCobo raised $13 million funds-Cobo, a cryptocurrency wallet startup backed by F2Pool founder Mao Shixing, has raised $13 Million in its first series funding round. The purpose of raising funds is to expand its business overseas. The new funding comes after Cobo raised a total of $7 million in a seed round in October and […]

Decreased ICO funding in 2018

Decreased ICO funding in 2018-Initial coin offerings, popularly known as ICOs, are growing rapidly in the market. They are perceived to be the craziest and the easiest way for Blockchain startups to raise capital, without the rigid rules that are integrated with the traditional method of raising capital called: Initial Public Offering, habitually known as […]