Ohio Becomes The First US State To Accept Bitcoin For Taxes

The U.S. state of Ohio, will be the first state in U.S and one of the first government in the world  to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments for 23 kinds of business taxes, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports today, Nov. 25.   The WSJ states that this move was initially applied to only businesses but […]

Charlie Shrem’s Assets Comes To An End

Charlie Shrem’s Assets Comes To An End. Jed Rakoff, Judge for the Southern District of New York, has decided to put an end on Charlie Shrem’s benefits in a claim brought against him by the Winklevoss siblings.   For a situation revealed in the U.S. Area Court for the Southern District of New York, the […]

Nasdaq Won Patent For Blockchain News Agency Service

Nasdaq Won Patent For Blockchain News Agency Service. Nasdaq is the second largest stock exchange by market capitalization in the world. It won a patent plotting on how we can utilize blockchain to discharge data as a feature of a wire facility. Record clarifies that the Wire as of now shares data at pre-set ban […]

Patent For Storing Customer Crypto Funds

Patent For Storing Customer Crypto Funds – The Bank of America had filed a patent which was awarded recently. The patent includes complete details about how enterprises could be able to store a customer’s crypto fund. The Patent The patent was awarded by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday and was filed for […]

Huge Debts May Lead To Crypto Boom

Huge Debts May Lead To Crypto Boom-Good news for Crypto!! Some of the most prominent investors in the world think that crypto might take a boom in the upcoming years because of the increasing debts of the U.S. Debt Of USA CEO of Shapeshift, one of the better-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, thinks that […]

A City in Nevada To Be Built On Blockchain

A City in Nevada To Be Built On Blockchain. Jeffrey Berns, a cryptocurrency millionaire, has spent $400 million on an enormous plot of land in the Nevada desert of the United States. With an intention of building a utopian community, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Berns is the  CEO of Blockchains LLC. This is […]

Brasilia/Brazil:Presidential Candidate Uses Blockchain to Publish Government Plan

The Brazilian presidential race is heating up!! And the candidates rallying for the ‘Top Spot’ have different ideas about how to use Blockchain technology. Fernando Haddad, the Workers’ Party presidential candidate, has put his Government plans and statements on a blockchain platform. According to a press release, Haddad decided to use Blockchain technology for disseminating […]

USA: SEC Levels Charges Against Bitcoin-Backed Securities Dealer

The Federal Security Laws Enforcing Agency, SEC, made an announcement during a press release of levelling charges against a Marshall Islands-registered securities dealer 1pool Ltd (also known as 1Broker) and CEO Patrick Brunner for “allegedly violating the federal securities laws in connection with security-based swaps funded with bitcoins.”     EXCERPTS from SEC’s complaint: Investors […]

Bitcoin Cold Storage System

 Bitcoin Cold Storage System-U.S. based payments processing company, ‘Square’, has announced in an official blog post published on 23rd Oct. 2018, that it is open-sourcing its Bitcoin (BTC) cold storage solution.  Alok Menghrajani stated in the blog post that the company has chosen to make the system open source. This is to inspire further innovation […]