CAC Introduces Anti-Anonymity Regulations

CAC introduces anti-anonymity regulations. On Thursday, Jan. 10,  the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has presented new directions for blockchain firms that are working in the nation. The declaration was published on the regulator’s site. The report depicts the organizations that are liable to directions that give data and technical support to people. In general, […]

CBA Launches “China Trade Finance Inter-bank Trading Blockchain Platform”

The China Banking Association (CBA) launches “China Trade Finance Inter-bank Trading Blockchain Platform”.  Therefore, CBA is the country’s self-regulatory organization for the banking sector. The announcement was made about a week ago when the program was completed. While the association is ready to move it out for live use, it wants to conduct a few […]

Chinese Court Accepts Blockchain To Fight Online Plagiarism

Chinese Court Accepts Blockchain To Fight Online Plagiarism – In its quest to combat plagiarism for online writers, an Internet Court launched in the Eastern Chinese City of Hangzhou has now decided to use blockchain, a local Chinese news outlet reported. China launched its first internet court in the city of Hangzhou in order […]

China Continues Its Resistance Against Cryptocurrency

China Continues Its Resistance Against Cryptocurrency. China’s focal and biggest bank by market capitalization has authoritatively prohibited all Security Token Contributions (STO). Also, any related speculation and organizations engaged with the training. Government’s Resentment According to the South China Morning Post on Dec. 10, 2018, the ambitious and upcoming STO market will pick up footing […]

Chinese Government Backed Company To Launch Yen-Pegged Stablecoin

Grand shores Technology Group is a Chinese public company announced that it is developing a new stablecoin which will hit the Chinese market by February 2019. The company is affiliated with a 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) fund backed up by the Chinese government of Hangzhou,  which is the capital of the Zhejiang Province. The […]

Chinese Crypto Miner ‘Huaren Capital’ Plans Expansion Into Philippines With “Digital Peso”

The “Digital Peso” project is aimed at reducing friction for international remittance and establishing a two-way corridor between the Phillippines and China. China-based crypto mining giant Huaren Capital is looking to further expand its business in the Philippines Islands. As reported by The Inquirer, Huaren plans to launch “Digital Peso”, a digitized version of fiat […]

No Ban On Bitcoin-Shenzhen Court Permits Crypto Transactions

At the time when Bitcoin first appeared in October 2008, the world’s first cryptocurrency was unhurried to collect grip. During that time, just the most erratic web users were ready to invest, whether it be capital, time, and/or mental aptitude to reinforce the advancement endeavours of the Bitcoin Network, the principal genuine blockchain/decentralized database. As […]

Crypto Mining Devices Sold In Kilograms Because Of Market Decline

Crypto Mining Devices Sold In Kilograms Because Of Market Decline. Cryptocurrency operations in China are taking a hit.   Cryptocurrencies were on a severe decline throughout last week and Bitcoin took the roughest hit in recent times by reaching a low of $4300.   Due to all these developments, the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ mining […]

Huobi Creates New Chinese Communist Party Committee

Huobi Creates New Chinese Communist Party Committee-Huobi Group, the parent company of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, has formed a local branch of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Beijing. As part of its efforts to expand its relationship with the Chinese Government, reported by the company. The Singapore-based exchange firm, which was initially founded in […]

School’s Energy For Cryptocurrency Mining

 School’s Energy For Cryptocurrency Mining – BBC reported that Lei Hua, the headmaster of a middle school in Hunan, China, was fired from his job. Due to running a cryptocurrency mining operation with a total of nine mining rigs. He had used the school’s electricity and the internet to mine Ethereum. According to South China […]