Rakuten, Japanese E-Commerce Firm Sets Up A New Payment Subsidiary

Rakuten, Japanese E-Commerce Firm Sets Up A New Payment Subsidiary –  Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce firm is restructuring its company by setting up a new cryptocurrency based payment system. which incorporates its cryptocurrency business. Payment System This new system will also work as a cryptocurrency exchange. Rakuten, referred to as ‘Japan’s Amazon,’ initially revealed in August […]

Coincheck Granted License A Year After Major Hack

Coincheck granted license a year after major hack. Finally, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has been granted an operating license by Japan’s finance regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA). Almost one year after more than  $0.5 billion hacking incidents.   Hack Coincheck, which was hacked in January 2018, which resulted in losing New Economy Movement (NEM) […]

Finance Regulator Grants License To Coincheck

Finance Regulator Grants License To Coincheck. Coincheck – a cryptocurrency exchange was granted complete permission by Japan’s finance regulator. The Financial Services Agency (FSA)starts operating in the country according to the report. Last January 2018, Coincheck was hacked. Due to which the cryptocurrency exchange lost altcoin tokens worth $530 million at the time. Therefore, by […]

Chinese Government Backed Company To Launch Yen-Pegged Stablecoin

Grand shores Technology Group is a Chinese public company announced that it is developing a new stablecoin which will hit the Chinese market by February 2019. The company is affiliated with a 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) fund backed up by the Chinese government of Hangzhou,  which is the capital of the Zhejiang Province. The […]

Crypto Tax Evasion Not To Be A Problem Anymore in Japan As The Government Builds New Reporting System

Crypto Tax Evasion has been a major concern for the Japanese Government because cryptocurrency firms have been evading a significant amount from their profits that were supposed to be taxed. The Japanese Government is now seriously considering ways to combat this tax evasion. Reportedly, the new system that is drafted by the government will permit […]

Japanese Official Concedes Self-Regulatory Status to Cryptocurrency Industry

 Japanese Official Concedes Self-Regulatory Status to Cryptocurrency Industry. After keeping a close eye on the cryptocurrency industry for quite some time and understanding the pros and cons, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) finally gave the cryptocurrency industry self-regulatory status, permitting the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association to police and sanction exchanges for any violations.   […]

Japan’s SBI Partners With A Blockchain Security Start-up

  Japan’s SBI Partners With A Blockchain Security Start-up. SBI, which is a financial giant in Japan is now thinking to expand into blockchain. As a support to this thought, it has partnered with a blockchain security startup. The financial giant had recently developed a cryptocurrency exchange. However, their partnership aims at developing a cryptocurrency […]

Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme

 Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme – Most countries in the world are trying to figure out regulations around digital currency and are trying to figure out a legal framework for the regulations around crypto. Recent incidents around cryptocurrency fraud have conveyed the importance of the regulations quite impactfully. Similarly, one of these such cases has happened […]

Blockchain in Digital Advertising Campaigns?

Blockchain in Digital Advertising Campaigns? -In an attempt to cut fraud encountered by the company while buying digital ads. Toyota, the well-known car manufacturer from Japan, has entered into a partnership with Lucidity. A blockchain digital advertising analytics company. The Los Angeles-based company, which was found only last year, is called KR80S.  The problem faced […]

“Tokyo Whale”- Mt.gox Narrowly Avoids Bankruptcy

“Tokyo Whale”- Mt.gox Narrowly Avoids Bankruptcy-Mt Gox was a cryptocurrency exchange based in Tokyo and had been providing about 70% of Bitcoin transactions. Which was worldwide before suffering a major cyber attack, which led to its bankruptcy. In 2011, the price of Bitcoin on the Mt. Gox exchange dropped to a record low of one […]