A new approach to using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been revealed by Telecommunications giant Swisscom. Crypto collectibles soon to appear on TV by Swisscom.

Art that this owned will be displayed by the product, called Noow. The art owner and the artist will know how many copies of his or her work have been distributed.

The app, which spun out of Swisscom’s accelerator, Kickbox, comes from a Zug-based, Dloop.

Nvestweekly reported:

“Digital art is displayed on screens in places such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. Changing sequences or animations create a unique ambiance. However, a lack of copy protection systems and distribution platforms means that these works are often used illegally.

Also, the startup dloop intends to change this situation with its NOOW app. The blockchain solution guarantees the ownership rights for buyers and payment for artists.”

Thirty artists will write 100 words which will be included in the service. Stefanie Marlene Wenger will curate the first batch. The service will be available on a set-top box service in Switzerland known as Swisscom TV.

“Swisscom TV is one of the first providers in the world to offer art on the TV screen. We are delighted to have Swisscom on board for this courageous project,” said Rieder. “NOW is making digital art into a collector’s object and creating value for it.”

Crypto collectibles soon to appear on TV by Swisscom. Buyers will be able to see the art on their screen, for which they will receive a certificate of authenticity. The rarity of their piece is evident because the buyers will also know how many copies exist. The concept remains a work in progress, but nonetheless, it’s a fun way to share with a non-crypto audience the idea of crypto collectables.

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